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My father, Ken Blackmore, built the building in 1999 to house his hotrod collection and miscellaneous toys. It soon became a hangout for his buddies and good times, gazing over his vintage dragsters and hotrods. 

Since his passing, we've taken it over to our generation. Growing up in Murrieta, CA, the "motocross capital of the world", we started adding to a wonderful collection of motorcycles and today, it's known as the place that some of the world's best riders hang out and talk about the past and good times to come. 

The race shop in fast becoming well-known for its Supercross viewing parties and barbecues. 



Dive into history in the some of the greatest moments of motorcycle racing...

We've collected some significant articles from our favorite times enjoying 

motorcycles. From Jeff Ward's 1971 Honda leathers, to Jeremy McGraths 2005 Factory Honda and Ben Bostrom's Factory 996 Ducati. 



The Blackmore Family has always been into horse power. Ken Blackmore's passion for nitro-burning, top-fuel dragsters still exists today here at Blackmore Ranch.  

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